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College Name

S.No State District Name & Address of the College Category Estd
1 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari ADITYA JUNIOR COLLEGE BHIMAVARAM Private Unaided 1995-1996
2 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari ADITYA JUNIOR COLLEGE KAKINADA Private Unaided 1993-1994
3 Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam ADITYA JUNIOR COLLEGE, NANDIGAM Private Unaided 2003-2004
4 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari ADITYA JUNIOR COLLEGE, RAJAHMUNDRY Private Unaided 1999-2000
5 Andhra Pradesh Krishna AG&SG JR COLL OF ARTS COMM SCI VUYYURU Private Aided 1975-1976
6 Telangana Hyderabad AGARWAL JR COLLEGE (BOYS) CHARKAMAN Private Aided 1969-1970
7 Telangana Hyderabad Agarwal Jr. College For Boys , Charkaman, Hyderabad Private Aided 1981-83
8 Telangana Hyderabad AGHAAI JR COLLEGE MALLEPALLY Private Unaided 1990-1991
9 Telangana Hyderabad AHLE BAIT JR COLLEGE, BIBI BAZAR Private Unaided 2007-2008
10 Telangana Hyderabad Ahle Bait Voc.Jr.College , Bibi Bazar, Hyd Vocational 2006-07
11 Telangana Hyderabad AIZZA JUNIOR COLLEGE MALAK PET Private Unaided 2002-2003
12 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari Akil Vocl Jr. College , Rajahmundry Vocational 2004-05
13 Telangana Rangareddy ALFA JR COLLEGE KUSHAIGUDA Private Unaided 1997-1998
14 Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam ALFA JR COLLEGE VIZAG Private Unaided 2001-2002
15 Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam Alluri Sitaramaraju Vocational Jr College , Seethampet Vocational 2006-07
16 Telangana Nalgonda ALPHA JR COLLEGE FOR GIRLS,RAMAGIRI,NALGONDA Private Unaided 2005-2006
17 Telangana Nalgonda ALPHA JR COLLEGE NALGONDA Private Unaided 1993-1994
18 Andhra Pradesh Prakasam ALPHA JR COLLEGE, KANIGIRI Private Unaided 2006-2007
19 Telangana Nalgonda Alpha Junior College , Ramgiri, Nalgonda Dist. Private Unaided 2002-03
20 Telangana Nalgonda ALPHA JUNIOR COLLEGE HALIA Private Unaided 2003-2004
21 Telangana Karimnagar ALPHORE'S JR COLL, KOTHAPALLY, KARIMNAGAR Private Unaided 2002-2003
22 Telangana Karimnagar ALPHORES JR COLL,KARIMNAGAR RD, JAGITYAL Private Unaided 1999-2000
23 Telangana Karimnagar ALPHORES JR COLLEGE (BOYS), KARIMNAGAR Private Unaided 1991-1992
24 Telangana Karimnagar ALPHORES JR COLLEGE (GIRLS) KARIMNAGAR Private Unaided 2001-2002
25 Telangana Karimnagar ALPHORES JR COLLEGE, JAGITYAL Private Unaided 2005-2006
26 Telangana Adilabad ALPHORES JR COLLEGE, MANCHERIAL Private Unaided 2001-2002
27 Telangana Karimnagar ALPHORES JR COLLEGE,BHAGATHNAGAR Private Unaided 2006-2007
28 Andhra Pradesh Guntur AMARAVATHI JUNIOR COLLEGE, AMARAVATHI Private Unaided 1994-1995
29 Telangana Rangareddy Amrutha Vidya Vocational Jr College , Srinagar Colony, L.B Nagar Vocational  
30 Telangana Hyderabad AMS ARTS&SCIENCE COLL(W) OU ROAD,VIDYANAGAR Private Aided 1968-1969
31 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari Amulya Voc. Jr. College, , Nallajerla Vocational 2006-07
32 Telangana Rangareddy ANANDA JYOTHI JR KALASALA GHATKESAR Private Unaided 2002-2003
33 Andhra Pradesh Krishna ANASUYA MAHILA JR KALASALA VIJAYAWADA Private Unaided 1993-1994
34 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari ANDHRA ASSCN(U K) JR CLG PENUMANTRA Private Unaided 1993-1994
35 Telangana Khammam ANDHRA BALIKA JR COLLEGE KHAMMAM Private Aided 1979-1980
36 Andhra Pradesh Krishna ANDHRA JUNIOR COLLEGE KONDAPALLI Private Unaided 1994-1995
37 Andhra Pradesh Krishna ANDHRA LOYALA COLLEGE VIJAYAWADA Private Aided 1969-1970
38 Andhra Pradesh Krishna Andhra Loyola College , Vijayawada Private Aided 1969-70
39 Andhra Pradesh Guntur ANDHRA MUSLIM JR COLLEGE GUNTUR Private Unaided 1992-1993
40 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari Angel Vocational Jr College , Sarpavaram, Kakinada Vocational 2008-09
41 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari Angus Lawson Vocl. Junior College , Nagarajupeta, Pallakollu Vocational 2007-08
42 Andhra Pradesh Chittoor Anjali Vocational Junior College , Tirupathi Vocational 2007-08
43 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari ANJANA JUNIOR COLLEGE PITHAPURAM Private Unaided 2003-2004
44 Telangana Hyderabad ANJUMAN GIRLS JR COLLEGE BAKARAM Private Unaided 1992-1993
45 Andhra Pradesh Cuddapah ANNAMAYYA JUNIOR CLG,NAGARAJUPETA, KADAPA Private Unaided 1992-1993
46 Andhra Pradesh Cuddapah Annammaiah Jr College , Sai Towers Nagarajapeta, Cuddapah Private Unaided 2005-06
47 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari Annapurneshwari Vocl. Junior College , Patimeda, Nidavolu Vocational 2007-08
48 Telangana Rangareddy ANNIE BESANT JR COLLEGE (G), DILSUKHNAGAR Private Unaided 1995-1996
49 Andhra Pradesh Chittoor Anu Vocational Jr College , Tirupathi Vocational 2006-07
50 Telangana Medak ANURADHA JR OLLEGE NARAYANKHED Private Unaided 1993-1994
51 Telangana Hyderabad ANWAR UL ULOOM (DAY)(G)COL NEWMALLEPALLY Private Aided 1969-1970
52 Telangana Hyderabad ANWAR UL ULOOM(EVE)COLL,NEW MALLEPALLY Private Aided 1969-1970
53 Telangana Hyderabad Anwar Ul-Uloom Evng. College , Mallepally, Hyderabad Private Aided 1969-70
54 Telangana Hyderabad ANWAR-UL-ULOOM J C (G), PURANI-HAVELI Private Unaided 1996-1997
55 Telangana Hyderabad ANWAR-UL-ULOOM JR COLLEGE MALLEPALLY Private Aided 1979-1980
56 Telangana Hyderabad ANWAR-UL-ULOOM JR COLLEGE SHALIBANDA Private Unaided 1996-1997
57 Telangana Nizamabad ANWAR-UR-ULOOM JR COLL NIZAMABAD Private Unaided 1996-1997
58 Telangana Hyderabad ANWARUL ULOOM(DAY)(B)COL NEWMALLEPALLY Private Aided 1969-1970
59 Telangana Adilabad ANWARUL-ULOOM JR COLLEGE NIRMAL Private Unaided 1993-1994
60 Telangana Hyderabad ANWARULULOOM (DAY) (B) COLL NEWMALLEPALLY Private Aided 1969-1970
61 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari AP RES JR COLL FOR ST GIRLS B GUDEM Tribal Welfare 1996-1997
62 Andhra Pradesh Nellore AP RES JR COLLEGE FOR BOYS VENKATAGIRI APRJC 1994-1995
63 Telangana Khammam AP RESIDENTIAL JR COL STG, BHADRACHALAM Tribal Welfare 1996-1997
64 Andhra Pradesh Krishna AP S W R JR COL FOR GIRLS JAGGAYYAPETA Social Welfare 1996-1997
65 Telangana Khammam AP S W RES J C (BOYS) ANNAPUREDDYPALLI Social Welfare 1995-1996
66 Telangana Rangareddy AP SPORTS(SCHOOL) JR COLLEGE HAKIMPET Private Unaided 1997-1998
67 Andhra Pradesh Chittoor AP SW RESI JRCOLL FORBOYS RAMAKUPPAM Social Welfare 1995-1996
68 Andhra Pradesh Nellore AP SWR JR COLL FORBOYS NAYUDUPETA Social Welfare 1995-1996
69 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari AP SWR JR COLLEGE FOR GIRLS KAKINADA Social Welfare 1996-1997
70 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari Apostel K.R.David, Voc. Jr. College , Rajahmundry Vocational 2006-07
71 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari Apostle Issac James Kommanapalli Voc.Jr.College , Narsapur Vocational 2006-07
72 Telangana Adilabad Appolo Vocational Jr College , Nirmal Vocational 2008-09
73 Telangana Adilabad Appolo Vocational Jr. College , Mancherial Vocational 2002-03
75 Telangana Nalgonda APRSW (BOYS) JR COLLEGE RAJAPET Social Welfare 1996-1997
76 Telangana Nalgonda APRSW (G) JR COLLEGE SURYAPET Social Welfare 1996-1997
77 Telangana Khammam APSEB GOVT JR COLLEGE PALVANCHA Government 1973-1974
78 Telangana Khammam Apseb Govt. Jr. College , Paloncha Government 1973-74
79 Telangana Adilabad APSW GIRLS RES JR COLLEGE LUXETTIPET Social Welfare 2001-2002
80 Telangana Warangal APSW JR COLLEGE MAHABUBABAD Social Welfare 2001-2002
81 Telangana Medak APSW JUNIOR COLLEGE THOGUTTA Social Welfare 2002-2003
82 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari APSW R JR COLLEGE(GIRLS)POLASANI PALLY Social Welfare 1995-1996
83 Telangana Rangareddy APSW RES JR COLL FOR GIRLS, NARSINGI Social Welfare 1995-1996
84 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari APSW RES JR COLLEGE (BOYS) ARUGOLANU Social Welfare 1995-1996
85 Telangana Karimnagar APSW RES JR COLLEGE BOYS, MAIDAPALLY EAST Social Welfare 1995-1996
86 Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam APSW RESI JR COLL (BOYS)DEVARAPALLY, VIZAG Social Welfare 1996-1997
87 Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam APSW RESI JR COLL (BOYS)SABBAVARAM VIZAG Social Welfare 1996-1997
88 Telangana Nizamabad APSW RESI JR COLL FOR GIRLS DHARMARAM Social Welfare 1995-1996
89 Andhra Pradesh Kurnool APSW RESI JR COLL FOR GIRLS KURNOOL Social Welfare 1996-1997
90 Andhra Pradesh Prakasam APSW RESI JR COLL(GIRLS) CHIMAKURTHY Social Welfare 1996-1997
91 Andhra Pradesh Anantapur APSW RESI JR COLLEGE FOR BOYS KANEKAL Social Welfare 1997-1998
92 Andhra Pradesh Anantapur APSW RESI JR COLLEGE FOR BOYS KANEKAL Social Welfare 1997-1998
93 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari APSW RESI JR COLLEGE GIRLS YELESWARAM Social Welfare 1995-1996
94 Andhra Pradesh Prakasam APSW RESI JR COLLEGE(BOYS) ARDHAVEEDU Social Welfare 1996-1997
95 Andhra Pradesh Anantapur APSW RESI JRCOLL FOR(GIRLS)KURIGUNTA Social Welfare 1996-1997
96 Andhra Pradesh Anantapur APSW RESI JRCOLL FOR(GIRLS)KURIGUNTA Social Welfare 1996-1997
97 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari APSW RESIDENTIAL JR CLG BOYS, PEDAVEGI Social Welfare 1996-1997
98 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari APSW RESIDENTIAL JR CLG GIRLS ELURU Social Welfare 1996-1997
99 Andhra Pradesh Nellore APSW RESIDENTIAL JR COLL(B)CHILLAKUR Social Welfare 1996-1997
100 Andhra Pradesh Nellore APSW RESIDENTIAL JR COLL(B)MULAPADAVA Social Welfare 1996-1997
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