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College Name

S.No State District Name & Address of the College Category Estd
1 Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad Vanitha Maha Vidyalaya , Exihibition Grounds, Hyderabad Private Aided 1969-70
2 Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad VANITHA MAHAVIDYALAYA EXHIBITION GRDS Private Aided 1969-1970
3 Andhra Pradesh Mahabubnagar Varsha Vocl Jr College , Kollapur, Mahaboobnagar Dt Vocational 2005-06
4 Andhra Pradesh Warangal VASAVI JR COLLEGE MAHABUBABAD Private Unaided 2001-2002
5 Andhra Pradesh Cuddapah VASAVI JR COLLEGE FOR GIRLS, R KODURU Private Unaided 2001-2002
6 Andhra Pradesh Guntur VASAVI JR COLLEGE NARASARAOPET Private Unaided 2002-2003
7 Andhra Pradesh Adilabad VASAVI JUNIOR COLLEGE (INC), KALLUR Incentive 2004-2005
8 Andhra Pradesh Warangal VASAVI JUNIOR COLLEGE DAMERA, HANUMAKONDA Private Unaided 2003-2004
9 Andhra Pradesh Nalgonda VASAVI JUNIOR COLLEGE MIRYALAGUDA Private Unaided 1991-1992
10 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari VASAVI VIGNAN JUNIOR COLLEGE, PENUGONDA Private Unaided 2006-2007
11 Andhra Pradesh Krishna VASHISTA JR COLLEGE,GOMPALAGUDEM Private Unaided 2007-2008
12 Andhra Pradesh Khammam VASISTA JUNIOR COLLEGE, KAREPALLY, KHAMMAM Private Unaided 2002-2003
13 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari Vasista Voc.Jr.College , Sidhantham Vocational 2006-07
14 Andhra Pradesh Nizamabad VASU JR COLL OF A&SCI NIZAMABAD Private Unaided 1995-1996
15 Andhra Pradesh Nizamabad VASU JR COLL OF ARTS&SCIENCE BODHAN Private Unaided 1997-1998
16 Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam VASU JR COLLEGE, NARSANNAPET Private Unaided 2001-2002
17 Andhra Pradesh Vizianagaram VASU JR.COLLEGE BOBBILI Private Unaided 2000-2001
18 Andhra Pradesh Vizianagaram Vasu Junior College, , Bobbili Private Unaided 2007-08
19 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari VASUKI JR COLL, ANATAVARAM, MUMMIDIVARAM Private Unaided 2005-2006
20 Andhra Pradesh Khammam Vasundara Voc Jr.College , Nelakondapally, Khammam Vocational 2006-07
21 Andhra Pradesh Rangareddy VASUNDHARA JR COLL FOR GIRLS,KAPRA MUNICIPAL Private Unaided 1992-1993
22 Andhra Pradesh Nalgonda VASUNDHARA JR COLL(GIRLS), MIRYALAGUDA Private Unaided 2005-2006
23 Andhra Pradesh Karimnagar VASUNDHARA JR COLLEGE GODAVARIKHANI Private Unaided 2001-2002
24 Andhra Pradesh Rangareddy VASUNDRA JR COLL (GIRLS), IBRAHIMPATNAM Private Unaided 2005-2006
25 Andhra Pradesh Guntur VATTICHERUKURU JR COLLEGE VATTICHERUKURU Incentive 2002-2003
26 Andhra Pradesh Kurnool VAVILALA JR COLLEGE KALLUR Private Unaided 1997-1998
27 Andhra Pradesh Kurnool Vavilala Jr. College , Abbas Nagar, Kurnool Private Unaided 2004-05
28 Andhra Pradesh Nalgonda VAYUPUTRA JR COLLEGE, PILLALAMARRI Private Unaided 2005-2006
29 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari Vec Jr. Collelge , Veeravasaram Private Aided 1975-76
30 Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam Veda Gayathri Junior College, Near Ammavari Temple, Rajam Private Unaided 2007-08
31 Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam VEDA GAYATRI JR COLLEGE RAJAM Private Unaided 2002-2003
32 Andhra Pradesh Guntur Veda Vocational Junior College , Sattenapally Vocational 2007-08
33 Andhra Pradesh Mahabubnagar VEERA BHADRA JR COLLEGE, KOILAKONDA Incentive 2005-2006
34 Andhra Pradesh Kurnool Veeram Anasuyamma Vocl Jr College , 12-80(3), K G Road, Nandikotkur, Kurnool(Dt) Vocational 2005-06
35 Andhra Pradesh Kurnool VELGODE JR COLLEGE VELGODI Private Aided 1980-1981
36 Andhra Pradesh Nalgonda VEMANA JR COLLEGE MARRIGUDA Private Unaided 1996-1997
37 Andhra Pradesh Krishna Venkat Vocl. Junior College , Mogalrajpuram, Vijayawada Vocational 2000-01
38 Andhra Pradesh Cuddapah VENKATARAM (VR) JUNIOR COLLEGE MYDUKUR Private Unaided 1994-1995
39 Andhra Pradesh Vizianagaram Venkateswara Voc.Jr.College , Salur Vocational 2006-07
40 Andhra Pradesh Khammam VENNELA JR COLLEGE, NELAKONDAPALLI Private Unaided 2005-2006
41 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari VENNELA JR COLLEGE, YERNAGUDEM Private Unaided 2005-2006
42 Andhra Pradesh Karimnagar VENNELA JR.COLLEGE MUSTHABAD Private Unaided 2000-2001
43 Andhra Pradesh Prakasam VENUS JR COLLEGE ONGOLE Private Unaided 1997-1998
44 Andhra Pradesh Guntur VENUS JUNIOR COLLEGEGUNTUR Private Unaided 1995-1996
45 Andhra Pradesh Rangareddy VENUS VIDYA VIHAR JR COLL, KUKATPALLY Private Unaided 2001-2002
46 Andhra Pradesh Krishna VIBM JR COLLEGE VIJAYWADA Private Unaided 2001-2002
47 Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam VICTORY JR COLLEGE, KOTABOMMALI Private Unaided 2001-2002
48 Andhra Pradesh Prakasam Victory Vocational Jr College , Singarayakonda, Ongole Vocational 2008-09
49 Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad Victory Vocational Junior College , 3/10, Ramdas Garden,West Maredpally, Secunderabad Vocational 2003-04
50 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari VIDHYANIDHI JR COLLEGE, AMALAPURAM Private Unaided 2000-2001
51 Andhra Pradesh Vizianagaram VIDWAN JR COLLEGE BOBBILI Private Unaided 1997-1998
52 Andhra Pradesh Nalgonda VIDWAN JR COLLEGE, RAMAGIRI Private Unaided  
53 Andhra Pradesh Guntur VIDWAN JUNIOR COLLEGE GUNTUR Private Unaided 1992-1993
54 Andhra Pradesh Warangal VIDWAN JUNIOR COLLEGE,NEW ABOODI MAHABUBABAD Private Unaided 2005-2006
55 Andhra Pradesh Guntur VIDYA BHARATHI JR COLLEGE GUNTUR Private Unaided 1995-1996
56 Andhra Pradesh Khammam VIDYA BHARATHI JR COLLEGE SATHUPALLI Private Unaided 1994-1995
57 Andhra Pradesh Adilabad VIDYA BHARATHI JR COLLEGE(INC), TANDUR Incentive 2001-2002
58 Andhra Pradesh Rangareddy VIDYA DAYANI J C (G) SANTOSH NAGAR Private Unaided 1991-1992
59 Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam VIDYA JR COLLEGE, PONUGUTI VALASA Private Unaided 2000-2001
60 Andhra Pradesh Cuddapah VIDYA NIKETAN JUNIOR COLLEGE, RAYACHOTY Private Unaided 2006-2007
61 Andhra Pradesh Nizamabad VIDYA VIKAS JR COLLEGE BODHAN Private Unaided 1995-1996
62 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari VIDYA VIKAS JR COLLEGE VATLURU Private Unaided 1992-1993
63 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari VIDYA VIKAS JR COLLEGE, AKIVEDU Private Unaided 2007-2008
64 Andhra Pradesh Krishna VIDYA VIKAS JUNIOR COLLEGE GUDIVADA Private Unaided 2002-2003
65 Andhra Pradesh Chittoor Vidya Vocational Jr College , Red Cross Street, Mittoor Vocational 2008-09
66 Andhra Pradesh Warangal VIDYABHIVARDHINI JR COLL THORRUR Private Unaided 1993-1994
67 Andhra Pradesh Cuddapah VIDYADARSINI JR COLLEGE PULIVENDULA Private Unaided 1993-1994
68 Andhra Pradesh Nalgonda Vidyadayani Jr. College , Gattupppal, Nalgonda Dsit. Private Unaided 2004-05
69 Andhra Pradesh Rangareddy VIDYADAYANI JRCOL BOYS SANTOSH NAGAR Private Unaided 1994-1995
70 Andhra Pradesh Nalgonda VIDYADHAYINI JR COLLEGE GHATTUPPAL Private Unaided 1994-1995
71 Andhra Pradesh Karimnagar VIDYAKALA JR COLL FOR GIRLS, VEMULAWADA Private Unaided 2005-2006
72 Andhra Pradesh Guntur VIDYAKENDRAM JR COLLEGE SATTENAPALLI Private Unaided 1996-1997
73 Andhra Pradesh Krishna VIDYALAYA JR COLLEGE, GUDIVADA Private Unaided 1993-1994
74 Andhra Pradesh Warangal VIDYANEKETHAN JR COLL PEDDAPENDYAL Private Unaided 1991-1992
75 Andhra Pradesh Krishna VIDYANJALI JR COLLEGE, MUDINEPALLY Private Unaided 2007-2008
76 Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad VIDYAPEETH JR COLLEGE HYDERGUDA Private Unaided 1990-1991
77 Andhra Pradesh Warangal VIDYARANYA JR COLLEGE, HANAMKONDA Private Unaided 1997-1998
78 Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam VIDYARDHI JR COLLEGE VISAKHAPATNAM Private Unaided 1996-1997
79 Andhra Pradesh Adilabad VIDYARTHI JR COLLEGE ADILABAD Private Unaided 1996-1997
80 Andhra Pradesh Guntur VIDYARTHI JR COLLEGE KONDAMODU Incentive 2002-2003
81 Andhra Pradesh Karimnagar VIDYARTHI JR COLLEGE KORUTLA Private Unaided 2001-2002
82 Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam Vidyarthi Jr. College , Jail Road, Visakhapatnam Private Unaided 1996-97
83 Andhra Pradesh Cuddapah VIDYASADHANA JR COLLEGE KADAPA Private Unaided 1997-1998
84 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari VIDYAVIKAS JUNIOR COLLEGE MANDAPETA Private Unaided 1996-1997
85 Andhra Pradesh Guntur VIGNAN CO-OP JR COLLEGE VADLAMUDI Co-operative 1989-1990
86 Andhra Pradesh Guntur VIGNAN GIRLS JR COLLEGE GUNTUR Private Unaided 1995-1996
87 Andhra Pradesh Rangareddy VIGNAN JR COLLEGE HABSIGUDA Private Unaided 1994-1995
88 Andhra Pradesh Prakasam VIGNAN JR COLLEGE [INCENTIVE] MUNDLAMURU Incentive 2001-2002
89 Andhra Pradesh Anantapur VIGNAN JR COLLEGE ANANTAPUR Private Unaided 1992-1993
90 Andhra Pradesh Anantapur VIGNAN JR COLLEGE ANANTAPUR Private Unaided 1992-1993
91 Andhra Pradesh Rangareddy VIGNAN JR COLLEGE FOR GIRLS, NIZAMPET Private Unaided 1998-1999
92 Andhra Pradesh Karimnagar VIGNAN JR COLLEGE HUSNABAD Private Unaided 2001-2002
93 Andhra Pradesh Krishna VIGNAN JR COLLEGE KAIKALURU Private Unaided 1993-1994
94 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari VIGNAN JR COLLEGE MANDAPETA Private Unaided 2001-2002
95 Andhra Pradesh Prakasam VIGNAN JR COLLEGE PAPAIPALLI Private Unaided 2001-2002
96 Andhra Pradesh Rangareddy VIGNAN JR COLLEGE PARGI Private Unaided 1997-1998
97 Andhra Pradesh Nellore VIGNAN JR COLLEGE PODALAKUR Private Unaided 2001-2002
98 Andhra Pradesh Mahabubnagar VIGNAN JR COLLEGE SHADNAGAR Private Unaided 1992-1993
99 Andhra Pradesh Rangareddy VIGNAN JR COLLEGE TANDUR Private Unaided 1997-1998
100 Andhra Pradesh Khammam VIGNAN JR COLLEGE,SINGARENI, KHAMMAM Private Unaided 2007-2008
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