NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture)

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Tips to Prepare for NATA 2023


Tips to Prepare for NATA 2023

National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is a national-level entrance exam conducted by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi every year. Most of the state and central-level universities accept NATA score for admissions into their architecture courses. NATA 2023 will be conducted in three sessions, which are scheduled on  June 2023 and July 2023.

NATA 2023 Preparation Tips

Understand the Pattern and syllabus of NATA:

• Candidates must understand thoroughly on the pattern of examination of NATA 2023 and detailed syllabus of each subject, with a focus on the following items:

What is on the Examination
Time available for the preparation of NATA 2023
The scoring pattern of NATA 2023
Requirements at Testing Centre

• This will enable the Test Takers to get a broad idea of NATA. Next, the Candidates must take one or two mock or practice tests, to unravel where he/she stands and how much he/she knows, what are the strengths and weaknesses. Such an attempt would help the Candidates to evaluate themselves and enable them to draw an appropriate plan of study to improve. The Study Plan must have a list of topics, concepts etc., of NATA 2023 along with detailed schedules, daily, weekly, and monthly, including reviews at short intervals.
Identification of Resources:

As already mentioned above, NATA is a competitive Examination. The concepts, basics, topics, and questions are undisputedly difficult to tackle unless the student is thorough with the entire course content. So, locating and tapping into resources of study material is always essential for the student to take guidance for preparation.
Practice, Practice and Practice:

Students must take appropriate guidance from faculties/seniors/peers/experts to learn the perfect way of practicing and put in preparation. Learning by practice is the only best way to prepare for the NATA exam to achieve success.
There are also other options for preparing for the NATA, such as self-study, prep courses, and private tutoring. While each one has its advantages and disadvantages, an independent choice should be made based on the candidate’s personal and unique needs.
Self- Study, an alternative:

Self-study is the best study if the student is honest. The entire plan of action will be under his own control, and he can manoeuvre his pace according to his choice. But, if the student is not honest in his self-study, it would lead to disaster. In other words, the student must possess constant and immense determination and never exhibit slackness in executing the Plan of preparation for NATA and always review the learning process to ensure that he/she is not deviated from the original plan.

Private coaching:
Though engaging a good Tutor or joining a Crash course is a high-cost proposition, students can opt this choice if he/she can afford one. This would provide individual attention and one-to-one interaction to clarify the doubts on the spot and creates competitiveness as there will be many other students.

NATA 2023 General Tips:

The biggest task before the candidates is to target his/her efforts to enhance thinking capacity, speed of learning and power to retain whatever learnt to unravel their potential for the best possible results in solving all the three Sections in NATA 2023.

So, hard work, strong academic background, sincere efforts with planned preparation is paramount importance to secure highest score in NATA 2023. Following few tips may help candidates to prepare well and enhance the chances of success in the impending NATA 2023.
• Candidates must understand the syllabus and exam pattern of NATA 2023 thoroughly.

• Keep a hard copy of complete syllabus till the examination and go through the same from time to time to ensure that no topic is missed. In accordance with the topics in the syllabus select/procure suitable study material /Previous Question Papers/Question Banks and relevant books/Material.

• Draw a time table covering the entire syllabus and leave at least a fortnight’s time before NATA 2023 for revision of the syllabus.

• Carry out appropriate analysis/review of your study pattern and find out loose ends/mistakes and make adjustments/corrections accordingly.

• It is always advisable to make notes of all topics being studied for revision purpose.
• Time Management in solving the problems/answers is more important. So, focus on mock tests/solving previous question papers setting prescribed time limit and ensure to learn time management which will eventually help in the main examination.

• Set appropriate goals by dividing one topic at a time and accomplishing them on daily basis. Though the syllabus initially appears to the candidate as voluminous, over time, with accomplishing the goals every day, one can understand that the entire syllabus can be covered successfully before the examination.

• Students should first attempt to study the theory part and understand the same thoroughly. Then the student should start solving the problems. Such an approach will enable the student to understand problem-solving in a logical way that will help in solving problems correctly in the NATA 2023, within the timeframe.

• List out doubts/clarifications required on the topics and seek help from the Seniors or Faculties from time to time.

• Students can also consider joining a crash course, which will help them to master the subjects with a planned strategic manner with appropriate guidance from the faculties.

• Another important tip for the students is to avoid distraction from the main goal of preparation for the examination. Strong determination alone helps the students to avoid diversion from attention or focus on the main goal.

• Studying non-stop for long hours would deplete the productivity of the students. Hence, students are required to take this into account while preparing their timetable to ensure that there will be a minimum “recess time” to refresh themselves before commencing the next session of study. No doubt, students tend to study for long hours before examinations.

• To enhance the productivity, it is a must to rest or relax at defined intervals, which does not mean watching blue screen. Students should relax by doing short workouts or meditation etc. which will enhance their concentration on the study.

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