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About Krishnaguru Adhyatmik Visvavidyalaya:

Paramguru Krishnaguru Ishwar is the highly Revered Gurudeva of Krishnaguru Sewashram, Nasatra. He is the Sadguru and he is the incarnation of God Kalki. To protect the virtuous and to destroy the unvirtuous, Param Brahma Krishnaguru, the Almighty God has come into being as KRISHNAGURU Paramguru, who bestows the Eknaam (i.e. KRISHNAGURU Eknaam) upon the seekers. KRISHNAURU is the only name for devotion of the God by saying, hearing, chanting and meditating the Eknaam KRISHNAGURU. Paramguru KRISHNAGURU has taken incarnation to bring up World peace, to establish truth, to restore human values in the world.

He is the Gurudeva to impart true knowledge of the Truth, to lead the humanity by the light of Ultimate knowledge and wisdom.

Paramguru KRSHNAGURU Ishwar preaches the knowledge of God to humanity. Paramguru KRISHNAGURU Ishwar says, – God is inside every human being. Man being the best of all living beings can only think of God and should think and devote God through proper way by initiation through Sadguru. As God is in every living being as Atma or soul, one may have Him inside him. Like fire hidden in the match-box is inflamed only when the match-stick is frictioned with the match-box, likewise Krishna can be aroused in consciousness by chanting, meditating the name of Param Brahma KRISHNAGURU who remains as Atma and leads the body, the prakriti as Maya.

Paramguru KRISHNAGURU Ishwar says to His devotees, – Krishna as Guru remains in the soul. The difference in human race is in the bodies. As water appears same in different glasses with different colours, Atma rests in different bodies. Like the rays of the Sun is reflected on the moon, the influence of Param Brahma falls on the Jibatmas. Jibatmas are within the bodies. We should see all living being as manifestations of Param Brahma.

Paramguru KRISHNAGURU Ishwar unfolds the mystery of the creation of God and devotion to God with easy elaboration of Holy Scriptures like Gita, Shri Madbhagabat. Paramguru KRISHNAGURU Ishwar leads the human race towards ultimate truth and to attain salvation.

To take birth is to enter into miseries (i.e. struggle of life). Life is but bundle of worries. If the Supreme Knowledge of God and ways to devote God is received from Sadguru, life becomes meaningful and peaceful. The sole aim of life is to devote God and thus to attain salvation.

God is one. He is the creator of the Universe. He is the protector and destroyer. He is the creator of Maya. The duty of Human being is to devote Him. To devote Him man must get the Sermons of Sadguru. By treading the path shown by the Sadguru one gets the destined effect.

Sadguru KRISHNAGURU is the Guru who what advises perform Himself. He thus perform the job for Human benefits without having self-interest. He only does act for benefits of living beings. He is kind to all. He is the sea of kindness. He loves all and showers blessings to those who even envy Him, who is antagonist to him. He is the performer of all innovations in the thinking and action of Human race. He is equally kind and benevolent to babies, old and women. He is the reformer of society and in all sides of human life.

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