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‘‘I only give expression to the instincts from my soul.’’ – MF Husain 


To have a successful Fine arts career, one should be creative-minded and possess a lot of patience. Career in Fine arts is primly classified into six categories; Painting, Sculpting, Architecture, Poetry, Performing Arts and Music, which are further divided into several branches. Fashion Designing and Multimedia are also classified are Modern aspects of Fine Arts.

Stepping into Fine Arts is purely depended on one’s personal interest. Personal hobbies and personal interests play a major role in choosing a course in Fine Arts. To make a commercial career in Fine arts, one needs to know the mind of clients/customers and meet their demands. Self-Motivation, knowledge of advancements, ability to reach the deadlines, determination helps one to have a successful fine arts career.

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Fine Arts Courses and Eligibility

The following are fine arts courses offered at graduate, postgraduate and diploma levels.

Bachelor Degree Courses

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpting
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation

Eligibility: 10 + 2

 List of BFA Colleges 


Master Degree Courses

  • Master of Fine Arts in painting
  • Master of Fine Arts in Sculpting
  • Master of Fine Arts in Applied Arts
  • Master of Fine Arts in Photography
  • Master of Fine Arts in Animation

Eligibility: BFA

♦ List of MFA Colleges 


Career Prospects of Fine Arts

Fine arts jobs are hard to find for a normal person. Successful fine arts career is fetched only with consistent hard work and determination along with creativity and innovation. Instead of searching for fine arts jobs, it is better to have a freelancing career in fine arts. The following article may give you much-needed information regarding Fine arts jobs or career in Fine arts. 




A Painter or artist chooses his profession merely based on his personal interest. A commercial artist makes his career by selling his artworks to art studios, art exhibitions, auction houses, Museums, etc.


An Illustrator narrates a story or an incident into a few images by sketching or drawing them. An Illustrator can find his career in newspapers, magazines, publishing houses etc. An Illustrator also designs logos, signage, billboards, posters etc.


The job of a curator is to select the best artworks and paintings to be exhibited in his studio or in the organisation he works for. Art studios, Art exhibitions, Auction houses and Museums recruits experienced artists as curators into their organisations.

Art Teacher

Career as art Teacher is one of the best jobs for a Fine Arts Postgraduate. A post-graduate in Fine Arts can work as an Art teacher in schools, colleges, and BFA Students.


A Muralist is one who does create extremely large works of art, often paintings, artworks at a larger scale. Buildings, large walls, ceilings, floor, large billboards, posters are the canvases for a muralist.


Calligraphy is an art of writing text in an artistic manner using a broad tip instrument, brush, or other writing instruments. A Calligrapher exhibits his skills in designing wedding invitations, stone inscriptions, logos, religious art etc.




Pottery is an artwork which demands a lot of patience and creativity. A skilful potter uses ceramics, clay, terracotta, glass etc. to make crockery, glassware, pots, vases and other handicrafts. A potter has plenty of career opportunities in any home décor or home furnishing industries.

Wood Carving/Carpentry

Wood carving is the work of a skilful carpenter. A carpenter carves a piece of wood into a masterpiece which is used in the home or office decoration. The more creativity a carpenter delivers, the more he earns

Stone Carving

A sculptor carves a piece of stone and turns it into a masterpiece. Stone Carving takes a lot of time to become an end product. Artist’s works are exhibited in Art studios, Art exhibitions, Museums and Auction houses.



Performing Arts 

Theatre Arts

Career in theatre arts varies for participating in street plays to acting in movies and television shows. A Theatre artist finds his career by acting in stage shows, street plays, movies, television sops, television commercials, documentaries etc. Acting is revered as a high paid career in performing arts. Puppetry, Ventriloquism, Clowning are part of Theatre arts.


Dance is another division of Performing Arts. A story is made short and performed in the form of dance, with some music or a song in the background, to impress the audience. Classical, traditional, Acrobatics, ballet, opera, hip-hop are some types of contemporary dance.




The composer of the music is the one who creates songs and musical tunes with the help of singers, fellow musicians and musical instruments. A Composer invents or creates new tunes and arrange them to become a song. He uses several musical instruments and lyrics to create one single song.    


A Musician is a person who can play one or more musical instruments to create some good music. Career of a musician is found with music bands, music composers, Movie and television show producers etc.

Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer or an Audio Engineer uses musical instruments and technology to produce a recording, live or recorded. A Sound engineer has much career opportunities in Audio recording studios, Television Studios, Movie and television show production houses, Music bands, stage shows etc.


Career of a lyricist has a wide range of opportunities in the Film & Media industry. The job of a lyricist is to compose songs and poems whenever required. Music bands, Television channels, film industry are hotspots for career as a lyricist.



          Interior Designing

          Landscape Designing

          Urban Architect

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