Career in Architecture


Career in Architecture

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Architects are responsible for ease of living in a building or a street or a town. They design, plan, and draw a blueprint of proposed construction, viz., a house, or an office or a shopping centre, a bridge, a stadium, a convention hall, a spiritual centre, any structure related to human convenience. Architects design dwelling places, residential or commercial, keeping in mind the client’s needs, proposed area, budget, adding all needed amenities. While sketching a blueprint, architect keeps in mind different aspects like government policies, the budget of the client, nature of the soil, nature of climate changes in the proposed area, and so on. An architect plays a vital role in the standard and ease of living in a structure.


Architecture is much sought after course after prominent courses like engineering and medicine. This course demands studious hard work, creativity and some good amount of patience to excel as an Architect. This article gives you much-needed information about architectural courses, entrance exams, colleges offering this course and career prospective.


Career in Architecture

After completion of the graduation or Master degree in architecture, it is better to start working for a firm either as an intern or as an employee. This experience shapes an architect to undertake several projects on his own. There is a vast scope for architecture career in India, both in the public and private sector. The following are some common architecture jobs.


A surveyor is an entry-level job, where most of the surveyors may be diploma students. Surveyors scale the area of the proposed construction and give their presentation to the government for approval. Surveying is a primary level job in architecture.

Architecture Designer

An architecture Designer plans designs and sketches a blueprint of proposed construction. While sketching a blueprint, architect keeps in mind different aspects like government policies, the budget of the client, nature of the soil, nature of climate changes in the proposed area, taste and recommendation of the client and so on. An architectural designer is a key player in the architectural process.

Architecture Engineer

An architectural engineer looks after the construction process of the building according to the sketched design. He maintains the quality of construction material, maintains the budget, and ensures that the project is completed in stipulated time.

Landscape architect

A landscape architect brings an artistic approach to a building by designing landscapes in the open spaces of a building. A landscape architect uses the open space of a building to create his artistic work with different plants and designs lawn area to bring natural appearance to any modern structure. Utilizing open spaces for pedestrian paths, parking lots, lawn area, gardening, with due research on soil and climate conditions of that particular area.

Interior Designer

Interior designing is a career with a lot of scope for growth. Interior designing demands a lot of creativity. Innovative ideas are a lifeline for an interior designing career. The higher the investment grows in residential and commercial spaces, so does the opportunities for interior designing career. An interior designer designs interior spaces of residential spaces, office spaces, shopping centres etc.

Conservation officer

The job of a conservation officer is to look after the archaeological sites, historical monuments, and ancient buildings, so that these historical memorials may not be affected by the transition into the modern era. By looking after them, a conservation officer preserves the traces of ancient culture and civilization, so that future generations may witness and learn from the traces of history.

Town Planning Officer

The town planning officer is responsible for the planned development of a town or city. A town planner looks after the infrastructural development of a town/city. He is responsible for convenient public spaces, ample water supply, transportation facilities, sewerage and drains, recreational spaces like parks, playgrounds of that particular area, etc,.  A town planner designs and approves the layouts of new residential projects and commercial projects.


Architecture courses

Architecture courses are offered at different levels like diploma level, graduate level, and Post-graduate level. Students can choose different courses according to their wish. Bachelor courses like B Arch and post-graduate courses like M Arch and M Plan are in much demand in Architecture stream.

Diploma courses in Architecture

Diploma in Architectural Assistantship

Diploma in Architectural Engineering

Eligibility: 10th standard

Architecture Colleges offering Diploma courses

Bachelor courses in Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)

Bachelor of Architecture in Interior Designing (B.Arch – Interior designing)

Bachelor of Planning (B.Plan)

Eligibility: 10+2 with Math, physics and chemistry as subjects and a good score in the entrance exam

Architecture Colleges offering bachelor courses

Master courses in Architecture

Master of Architecture (M.Arch)

Master of Architecture in Landscape Architecture (M.Arch – Landscaping)

Master of Architecture in Urban Design (M.Arch - Urban Design)

Master of Architecture in Architectural Conservation (M.Arch - Architectural Conservation)

Master of Interior Architecture & Design

Masters in Planning (M.Plan)

Master of Urban Planning (M.Plan – Urban Planning)

Eligibility: Graduation in B. Arch, B. Plan and a good score in the entrance exam

Architecture Colleges offering Master Degree courses


Entrance Exams for Architecture

Admissions into Bachelor and Master of Architecture courses in India are usually taken on the basis of entrance examinations conducted by various statuary bodies.

  • Central Government conducts National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) for admissions into central architecture institutes.
  • A separate examination is conducted by the IITs (Architecture Aptitude Test - AAT) for admission into their institutes. Candidates who qualify JEE Advanced exam gets eligibility to appear for AAT.
  • Many state governments conduct their own entrance exams for admission into architecture-related courses for their state listed universities.
  • Several Private universities conduct their own entrance exams for admissions into architectural courses.


Architecture Entrance Exams in India



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