Career in Home Science; Scope, Courses, Colleges


Career in Home Science 


Home Science

Home science is blended with arts and science of managing a home. Everything related to home, viz, effective utilisation of resources at home, health care of a family, financial management at home, education of the children and overall welfare of the house is the art of home science. Home Science is comprised of five branches namely, food and nutrition, human development, home management, textile & apparel science and extension and communication.



Food and Nutrition

Customised nutritional diet for each individual is offered in hospitals, hotels, fitness studios, schools and colleges. Food and Nutrition is one of the prime subjects of Home Science. A home science graduate plays a key role in designing a customised diet chart for each individual and masses.


Human Development

Home Science deals with the physical and psychological enhancement of an individual. Child welfare, family and marriage guidance, caring of aged and differently-abled, special care of chronically-ill or psychologically imbalanced is taught in home science. The overall Human Development is studied in home Science. Dealing with human emotions according to the situation is part of home science.


Home Management

Effective usage of resources in a house is an art of Home Management. Home science deals with interior decoration, effective usage of space and equipment, storage and segregation of varied household products.


Textile and Apparel Science

Fabric is an essential product in and outside of the home. The curriculum of Home Science includes Textile and Apparel Science. Fabric designing, textile designing, apparel designing, fabric care and storage and its effective management are dealt with in the home science course.


Extension Education

Extension education is an applied behavioural science, studying the desirable changes in the behavioural conditions of human beings, through various strategies and programmes, by applying the latest scientific and technological innovations. 


Scope of Home Science

Apart from regular career options like engineering, medicine, accountancy, career in home science is one course which is attracting some quality number of students. Though the range of pay is not as much as it is with IT, Health care or in Banking Sectors, annual pay is comfortable in Home Science career. For those who want to search career through any unconventional courses, Career in Home Science is one of the best options. Generally, women prefer to join Home Science Courses, as this field is mostly related to Food & Nutrition, Home management, apparel science etc. which demands a lot of patience and care. With increasing care about a nutritional diet, taste of interior designing & Fashion designing, the scope of home science is growing wide day-by-day. Many popular colleges and university have started offering diploma graduate and postgraduate home science courses, which are pushing the scope of home science a little further. 


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Home Science Courses

Home Science Courses are offered at diploma, graduate-level and postgraduate level.

Career in Home Science after 12th:

BA Home Science

Eligibility: 10+2

BSc Home Science

Eligibility: 10+2 with science

Postgraduate Level:

MA Home Science

Eligibility: BA Home Science

MSc Home Science

Eligibility: BSc Home Science

Home Science diploma courses:

Diploma in Home Science

PG Diploma in Home Science

Eligibility: Graduate from a recognized University 


Home Science Colleges

Home Science is offered as Diploma, graduate and postgraduate courses in Women’s Polytechnic colleges and in Agriculture Universities. Some colleges of education offer Home Science in combination with Bachelors in Education (B Ed). These courses give a good Career in Home Science after 12th. Given Below are List of Home Science Colleges. 


 List of Colleges offering BSc Home Science Course


 List of Colleges offering MSc Home Science Course


Best Home Science Colleges in India


Home Science jobs

Home science jobs are found mostly in the following organisations.

  • Playschools, Crèches, orphanages
  • Hospitals, old-age homes, NGOs
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Food & Beverage companies
  • Textile and fashion industry
  • Home décor / Interior designing firms
  • Home Science Teacher jobs at Home Science Colleges




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