Career in Mass Communication


Career in Mass Communication

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Mass communication means communicating with a large group of people. The art of communicating with the masses is not everyone’s cup of tea. A mass communicator has to work hard and work innovatively to keep the audience engaged with the content, visual, audio or text formats. The job of a mass communicator is to convey a message or content to the audience in an aesthetic manner without creating boredom and losing an audience. Mass Communication and media is diversified into Print, electronic or broadcast and digital media, which are further classified into several genres. The following article gives you much-needed information about Mass Communication and its classifications.


Scope for Career in Mass Communication

The scope for Career in Mass Communication has wide opportunities. In the earlier days, mass communication was executed only through street shows. With the advancement of technology, today in the 21st century, Mass communication had turned out to be one of the largest job providing sector. Print media started catering large amount of employment opportunities from the mid-90s. With the rise of television, in the 20th century, mass communication and media had witnessed new heights. It turned out to be a whole new industry. In India, for the past two decades, lakhs of Mass communication jobs have been created. Broadcasting media, Film & Television Industry, Advertising industry are big providers of Mass communication jobs.


Mass Communication Courses offered in specific

Mass Communication Courses after 12th.

  • BA in Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)

Post-Graduate Courses in Mass Communication

  • MA in Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication

Mass communication Diploma Courses

  • PG Diploma in Mass Communications
  • PG Diploma in Advertising & PR
  • PG Diploma in Journalism


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Top Mass Communication colleges in India

List of Top Mass Communication Colleges in India is given below


Career in Mass Communication



Journalism is a prominent type of career in Mass communication. Journalism is a set of activities like Communicating, Investigating, Collecting, Editing, presentation etc. All of the activities of journalism are linked with mass communication. Print Media, Radio and Television are traditional forms of Media. Social media, Blogs, Online media are advanced forms of Media.

Career in Journalism

News anchor

Top Recruiting Media Houses in India

DD Network, NDTV, Network 18, Viacom 18, Times group, BBC India, HT Media, Zee Media Corporation



An Advertiser creates campaigns to promote a product or a service. An Advertising agency undertakes promotion of a product or a service through several media viz, visual, audio, Banners, posters, paintings, pamphlets, signage boards, etc. With the help of modern technology, Advertising had taken a new face, Digital Marketing. Advertising on the internet or online with mobile devices as a platform is Digital marketing. Digital Marketing strategies Banner ads, video commercials, E-Mail marketing etc. Several internet giants are involved in Internet marketing namely, Google AdSense, Facebook Business, Amazon Advertising, Yahoo contextual ads, YouTube Advertising etc.

Career in Advertising

Logo designers
Font designers

Top Recruiting Advertising Agencies in India

DDB Mudra, Ogilvy & Mather, JWT India, Red Fuse Communications, Aquarius Promotions, Urja Communications, Grey India, Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi Pvt Ltd


Film and Television

After Journalism, Film and Television industry is the prominent type of Mass communication. Films and television programs exhibit the contemporary issues of society through their productions. Several departments such as story/scriptwriter, director, producer, videographer, musician, multimedia designer, art designer, fashion designer, actor etc. work together to bring out a final production which reaches the audience.

A career in Film Production and Direction

  • Director
  • Professional Photography
  • Videography
  • Story/Scriptwriter
  • Music composer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Pre & Post Production Works

Top recruiting Film Production Houses

Reliance Entertainment, Red Chillies, YashRaj Films, Eros International, UTV Motion Pictures, Dharma Productions, Vinod Chopra Films, Viacom 18 motion pictures

Top recruiting Television Channels

Zee Entertainment, Sun TV Network, PVR, TV 18 broadcasting, DB Corp, Star Network, Sony Television Network


Social Media

Mass Communication role in Social Media is an innovative and modern. Video and text content, images, GIFs, Blog posts, are modern form of mass communication media.

Top recruiters in Social Media

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, Hike


Public Relations

A Public Relations Manager is an official spokesperson of an organisation. Public Relations officer is the responsible individual to meet for communicating anything regarding the organisation.

PR Career

Public Relations Officer

Public Relations Manager

Top Recruiting organisations

Government departments, NGOs, Colleges, Universities, Corporate houses


Radio Broadcasting

Radios are the first electronic gadgets used in the modern type of mass communication. News, songs, several programs on socio-contemporary issues are the broadcasts of radio. FM Radios played a key role in the advancement of Radio Broadcasting.

Career in Radio Broadcasting

Voice over artists
Radio Jockey

Top recruiters in Radio Broadcasting

All India Radio, Red FM, Big FM, Radio Mango, Radio Mirchi, Radio City


Career in Multimedia


Difference between Mass Journalism and Communication

Some might confuse Mass Communication with journalism. As the name suggests mass communication is all about expressing an idea or concept to the masses at local, national or international levels with or without a necessary intent. On the other hand, Journalism is about informing people on a particular issue or subject. While Mass communication is more about expressing the content creatively and imaginatively, Journalism is about collecting the information and structuring and expressing it.

There may not be clear cut differences between the two but Journalism is more bent towards news reporting for newspapers, magazines or television, while mass communication is a much broader field encompassing radio, graphics, films, television, online media, documentary, events, advertising, corporate communications and so on.



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