Career in Multimedia: Scope, Courses, Colleges,

Career in Multimedia 

‘’A Multimedia designer can create anything, change anything from anything to anything, on his computer.’’  -  Anonymous


Multimedia is one of the booming sectors in creating a sea of career opportunities today. Unlike traditional courses like medical, engineering, accounting or other science courses, a successful career in Multimedia requires Creative imagination, the art of expression, determination and updated software and hardware awareness rather than academic excellence and certificates. Multimedia is a Computer-Aided industry, where a multimedia designer spends most of his time on the computer for his assignments using several multimedia software. Multimedia jobs have seen rapid growth since the past decade.


Multimedia Courses

To have a successful Multimedia career, one needs to pursue updated. Animation and Multimedia courses. Apart from traditional graduate and postgraduate courses offered by colleges, several institutes offer animation and multimedia courses. By pursuing these courses, one can settle in multimedia jobs easily.

Graduate Courses

BA Multimedia

BA 3D animation and Visual Arts

BA Digital Film Making and Animation

BSc Digital Art and Technology

BSc Multimedia Animation

Eligibility: 10+2

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Post-Graduate Courses

MSc Gaming Technology

MSc Multimedia & Animation

Eligibility: Graduation in respective subjects


Diploma Courses

Animation Engineering

Classical Animation

Fusion Animation

Digital Animation

Graphic and web designing

Video Editing & VFX

2D Animation and post-production

3D Animation and Film Making

3D Animation and Visual Effects

Eligibility: 10+2

Top Colleges offering Multimedia Courses

What does a Multimedia Designer do?

The job of a multimedia artist is to convey a message or narrate a story, artistically and creatively. A Multimedia designer creates wonders using just a computer. There are several multimedia software which a multimedia designer uses in his professional life. He can create a new world, a new species, a new product with his imagination and creativity by using different multimedia software. A Multimedia specialist can create, alter, manipulate or edit anything on a computer. There are several tasks a multimedia designer performs in particular, which are discussed below.

Scope of Multimedia Jobs

Multimedia Career has wide opportunities in India and abroad. A successful career in multimedia depends on the capacity of imagination, creativity, talent and dedication of a multimedia designer. Several Media Houses, Television studios, Film production houses, advertising agencies, Web designing and Development companies, Gaming and animation design studios, recruit skilful multimedia designers. With some quality amount of experience, one can turn into a freelance multimedia designer, or start an own designing studio and provide employment by creating multimedia job opportunities. The salary or earnings of a multimedia designer depends on their talent, creativity and hard work.

Classifications in Multimedia

Multimedia is a modern form of fine arts where a multimedia designer creates artistic images and videos using innovative technology. A Multimedia professional uses Computer-aided gadgets and sophisticated software to create art. Multimedia is characterised into different categories which are discussed below.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is a profession of creating images and videos using various software, drawings and visual effects. The job of graphic designing is to convey a message to the audience in an artistic and creative manner. A graphic designer also creates web pages, Logos, posters, fliers, digital images and several display images. Gaming studios, Television studios, media houses, film production houses, advertising agencies recruit professional Graphic designers.

Web Designing and Development

A Web Designer is a person who designs web pages using his creativity and talent. The job of a web designer is to make a website appealing and attractive to its user. While a web designer looks after the outlook of a website, web developer looks after its technical aspects. Web developer looks after the functioning and updating of a website. Both, web designer and web developer are collectively responsible for the architecture of a website. IT Companies, Digital Marketing Agencies, Web designing companies provide employment for Professional Web designers and web developers.

Gaming and Animation

Gaming and Animation Industry is another booming sector of multimedia. There is a high demand for experienced Gaming developers in India and abroad. Gaming developer designs and builds attractive desktop and mobile games using several sophisticated software. A Gaming designer uses 2D & 3d and other Software to create highly sophisticated games and mobile applications. People with a good hand in programming languages have good opportunities in the gaming and animation industry. Learning programming languages is an added advantage for Gaming animators and designers.

Videography/Video Editing

Videography is a professional job where a videographer shoots videos artistically and creatively. A successful career in videography requires patience, creativity and updated knowledge of contemporary video gadgets. A Video editor alters, manipulates or edits the video clips shot by the videographer by adding special effects and graphics to make the video appealing. For a successful career in video editing, a video editor should have good creative imagination skills as well as knowledge of updated video mixing software. Career opportunities for videography and video edition are plenty. Television studios, media houses, film production houses, advertising agencies recruit videography professionals. Starting an own professional videography studio is also one of the best career opportunity for a videographer.


Photography is an art which requires patience, an eye for colours and timing. A picture is more than a thousand words. A photographer can bring life to any type of images, using professional cameras and technology. A career in Digital photography has a variety of opportunities. Some of them are Photo Journalism, wedding photography, Wildlife Photography, Food Photography, Fashion photography, Scientific Photography, industrial photography etc.

Basic Software used in Multimedia

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • CorelDraw
  • DirectX
  • Illustrator
  • Premiere
  • After Effects
  • Final Cut
  • Audition
  • Pro Tools
  • Maya
  • Cinema 4D
  • Adobe XD
  • Axure and etc.


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