How to choose the right B-Schools for MBA

Master’s in Business Administration or popularly known as an MBA is one of the most sought after courses not only in the country but in the world. A MBA program is a tons of investment any student will make in their careers. Even in terms of money, time, energy and efforts, MBA programs irrespective of where they are being pursued require heavy investment. This makes it all the important to choose to an MBA college which not only provides you the MBA specialization that you might want but also the kind of environment which you help you in the best way to grow and learn.

Going to the right MBA College can make a huge difference in your career as it can improve your chances of landing a better job and accelerating your career. Finding the right MBA College should not only be based on ranks or the prestige associated with the university. There are a thousands of universities and colleges which offer a Master’s in Business Administration program these days, that too not alone in the country but in the whole word. The possibilities of MBA boosting your career are endless, however only if you make the right decision. Here are a few of them to help you understand a few key things to keep in mind when deciding on which MBA Colleges in india to join.

Cost and Location

Cost and location are factors no MBA aspirant can take lightly. Master’s in Business Administration programs especially abroad are notoriously expensive. If you do intended to study in a university abroad, then you might want to estimate whether the cost of living is manageable or not. Along with a hefty tuition fee, a huge chuck of finances also go into living in the city. Every city might have a different standard of living and every college has a different tuition fee structure.

Full Time / Part Time

If you are looking forward or your main aim it to improve your network, start a career/re-launch your career across the globe, then a full time MBA might be the right investment. A full time MBA is grueling but helps build team-work, provides an intense learning environment and extends your network. Thus, a full time MBA is sure to turn you into a team player (as you study with 100+ MBA students). However, if you are a working professional with a thriving career, then you might want to consider taking up a part time MBA program.Weigh your options and decide which one works the best for you and your career.

College Rankings

People might say it is not that important but it is important because it is a brand that you carry with you throughout life and your career. A good college name can get you place, of course it is your talent which makes you stay there. Look up at rankings provided by The Financial Times, Business Weekly and The Wall Street Journal for a closer look at the global ranking of schools. It might seem amazing to dream of an MBA from a reputed college, but you need to see whether your values align with the college or not. Further, you need to see if you meet the requirements of the college or not. You also might want to take a look at the ranking of the college in the last five years, whether it has improved, fallen or has been stable throughout.

Focus / Specialization

A general MBA program, usually touches upon all the core areas of the program. However specialization take you to the core of a single function. If you don’t have a lot of experience in a particular field and want to make an entrance, then there is nothing better than a specialized MBA program. Realizing your strengths is the key to opt for the right specialization and the college. As you may get to know which college, offers the best course, on the specialization you are passionate to do. Thus, MBA can be an excellent gateway to accelerate your career and reach, only if you play your strengths.

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Global Credits

If you do have international work experience, then try and look for MBA programs or colleges which favor candidates like you and provide considerable preference to you over other candidates. Working in an international space can be excellent for a career, especially if you looking to make a career abroad anywhere in the globe or are planning to re-launch your career. Considers schools which have over sea partnerships and campuses all over the world.

Other Factors

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Partner and Family Friendly Schools
  • Careers
  • Academic Community
  • Students and Alumni network

List of B-schools In India

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