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Career in Marine Engineering

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Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering deals with the technical management of different water-based functionaries like waterways transport organisations, Oil Drilling companies, navy, sea tourism etc. Marine engineering is a much complex subject among all engineering courses. A Marine engineer has to play a key role in designing, producing, assembling, operating and maintaining ships and shipbuilding units. Most of the engineering branches like, civil, mechanical, electrical & electronics, IT is directly or indirectly incorporated in Marine engineering. A career in Marine Engineering has vast scope in water/sea transport organisations and shipbuilding Units. The following article gives you a brief glance on career in marine engineering, Marine engineering eligibility, Marine Engineering Colleges, Marine engineering jobs etc.


Scope for marine engineering

Marine engineering is also called as maritime engineering in some contexts. Career in Marine Engineering has vast scope in water transport organisations and shipbuilding Units. With increasing investments in the fields like sea transport, naval security, cruise tourism etc., career in marine engineering is going to rise to new heights in the coming future. Attractive salary packages, fancy job roles, and mind-boggling after-retirement benefits, and other pleasantries are drawing more and more youth towards marine engineering jobs. While some roles in marine engineering are fancy, some marine engineering jobs are much hard to perform, which required highly skilled manpower as they directly or indirectly linked to human lives.


Marine Engineering -Eligibility

  • 10 + 2 with Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English with 60% of Aggregate score.
  • Qualifying marks prescribed by a respective institution in relative Entrance Exam, followed by physical fitness tests and personal interview
  • Students who have completed 3 years Diploma courses are eligible for later entry into 2nd year BE/ BTech Courses.


Top Marine Engineering colleges

  • Indian Maritime University (DMET) - Kolkata, Mumbai, Vizag, Cochin, Chennai
  • Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI) - Mumbai
  • Vels Academy of Maritime Studies - Chennai
  • Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education & Training (MANET) - Pune
  • International Maritime Institute (IMI) – Noida
  • Andhra University College of Engineering - Vizag
  • International Maritime Academy (IMA) - Chennai
  • Institute of Technology & Marine Engineering (ITME) - Kolkata
  • Coimbatore Marine College (CMC) - Coimbatore
  • Academy of Maritime Education & Training (AMET University) - Chennai
  • Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies – Mumbai
  • Southern Academy of Maritime Studies - Chennai


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Indian Maritime University Affiliated Institutes

B.Tech (Marine Engineering):

  • Coimbatore Marine College - Coimbatore
  • Euro Tech Maritime Academy - Ernakulum
  • Andhra University College of Engineering - Vizag
  • Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training - Chennai
  • Tolani Maritime Institute - Pune
  • International Maritime Institute - Greater Noida 
  • Park Maritime Academy - Coimbatore
  • RL Institute of Nautical Sciences - Madurai
  • Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies - Lonavala


BSc (Nautical Science):

  • Southern Academy of Maritime Studies – Chennai
  • Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training – Chennai
  • Tolani Maritime Institute - Pune


BSc (Ship Building and Repair):

  • College of Ship Technology, Palakkad
  • Hind Institute of Nautical Science and Engineering, Hathras, UP

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Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) leading to BSc Nautical Science:

  • Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy, Karjat
  • Applied Research International School of Maritime Studies, New Delhi 
  • Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Port Blair 
  • Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies, Pune
  • International Maritime Institute, Greater Noida
  • Mumbai Maritime Training Institute, Khalapur
  • Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, Pune
  • Southern Academy of Maritime Studies, Chennai
  • Maritime Training Institute Shipping Corporation of India, Powai, Mumbai
  • SCI Maritime Training Institute, Tuticorin
  • Sriram Institute of Maritime Studies, New Delhi
  • T S Rahaman, Nhava, Panvel
  • Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune
  • Vishwakarma Maritime Institute, Pune
  • YAK Educational Trust, Belapur, Navi Mumbai 
  • Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Institute of Maritime Science & Engineering, Chidambaram


Marine Engineering Jobs

Port Operations manager

The Port Operations Manager or a Port Manager is responsible for the efficient use of port facilities and resources with specific responsibilities for health and safety and security. Some major roles of the Port Operations Manager include managing vessel loading and discharge, managing safety, managing staff, and liaising with customers and other port users.


Ship manager

Ship Managers do not generally own ships; instead, they agree a contract with Ship Owners to efficiently operate, manage and maintain their fleet, which is more commonly performed by third party Ship Managers than the Ship Owner itself. Operating ships is a highly specialized role.


Ship operator

Ship Operators are masters of all trades relating to operations. A Ship operator is responsible for managing vessel performance, bunkers quality and quantity pricing, and ship routing, a good ship operator will have a keen eye on every element of a ship’s operations chain.


Marine surveyor

Marine Surveyors are highly qualified and technically sound. A Marine Surveyor conducts inspections, surveys or examines marine vessels to assess, monitor and report on the vessels and the cargo the vessel is carrying. A marine surveyor as inspects damage caused to both vessels and cargo to assess the insurance claims.


Marine Chief Engineer

A Marine Chief Engineer holds complete responsibility for the operation of the engine room and any maintenance of machinery onboard the vessel. A Marine Chief Engineer job is of high-rank on-board the ship, and in some cases shares equal rank with the Captain of the vessel.


Technical superintendent

A Technical superintendent of the ship is in charge of ensuring the necessary repair works on a ship are being executed properly, especially during the ship is docked. A maritime technical superintendent requires high alertness and vigilance during his work as it is high responsibility for him to make the ship operates smoothly.


Navigation Officer

Navigation Officer is a vital member of the ship’s management team. He is responsible for making decisions on steering and manoeuvring the ship, controlling navigation and communications. Navigation officer is like a pilot of an aeroplane guiding and controlling where the ship is going.


Maritime science educator

Like many professions in the maritime sector, maritime education and training are heavily dependent upon former mariners to deliver the skills and knowledge. The job of a maritime science educator includes Research, develop and deliver marine science curriculum for education programs.



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