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The development of an economy relies upon the development of three key sectors. Services sector is one of the three key sectors which enhance the economical development of a nation. Hotel management sector is fast growing service sector which is providing large amount of employment. With the increasing investments in holiday, hotel, tourism and event management business, job opportunities in service sector witness a drastic growth.

Hotel Management Courses

Hotel Management courses are available through diversified programs in India. Career opportunities and salaries are based on the level of course a student undertakes. The following are Hotel Management courses in different levels.

Diploma Courses in Hotel Management

  • Diploma in Tourism and hotel management
  • Diploma in accommodation management
  • Diploma in catering science
  • Diploma in Food & Beverages
  • Diploma in Bar & Beverages
  • Diploma in food preparation & culinary arts
  • Diploma in Bakery & Confectionaries
  • Diploma in Reception operations and services
  • Diploma in Wine studies

Eligibility: 10+2

Bachelor Degree Courses in Hotel Management

  • Bachelor of Arts in Culinary arts - BA Culinary Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hotel management – BA Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in international hospitality management – BA International Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel Management and Tourism BBA-HMT
  • BBA in Hotel Management – BBA Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Hotel management & Catering Technology - BHMCT
  • Bachelor of Science in catering science & hotel management – B.Sc catering science & hotel management
  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Hotel Administration – B.Sc Hospitality and Hotel Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel management - B.Sc Hotel management
  • Bachelor of Science hotel management catering and tourism – B.Sc hotel management catering and tourism

Eligibility: For BA courses, any 10+2, For BSc courses – 10+2 with science as subject is mandatory.


Master Degree Courses in Hotel Management

Master of Hotel Management – MHM

Eligibility: BHM

Entrance Exam: UGAT, AIHMCT

Master of business administration in Hotel Management – MBA Hotel Management

Eligibility: BBA Hotel Management, BSc Hotel Management, BHM

Entrance Exam: UGAT

Master of business administration in Tourism & Hotel Management – MBA Tourism & Hotel Management

Eligibility: BBA Hotel Management, BSc Hotel Management, BHM

Master of Science in Hotel Management - M.Sc Hotel Management

Eligibility: BSc Hotel Management

Hotel Management Career

As hotel management industry is depended on customer/client satisfaction, a hotel management professional needs skills like, management, marketing, interpersonal communication skills, with addition to these, pleasing appearance is another added merit. Although Hotel Management career is considered as one of the most glamorous careers, it requires professionals who can keep their cool even in the most challenging situations.

For students who are interested in service sector, having good appetite for cooking, flexible to work in different shifts, hotel management career is best option. Hotel Management career have diversified professions, namely; front office operations, housekeeping, management, food and beverages service, sales and marketing, accounting, etc. The following are some of important areas of job opportunities for hotel management professionals.


Hotels play a major role in creating employment opportunities for Hotel management professionals. Many five star hotels recruit interns from Top Hotel Management Colleges and offer placements for worthy candidates. Internship in five star hotels is an added advantage to any hotel management student. The following are some of the positions in which star hotels recruit students from hotel management institutes.

  • General Manager
  • Hotel managers
  • Front office managers
  • Personnel managers
  • Banquet managers
  • Floor supervisors
  • Stewards
  • Accountants
  • Food and beverages manager
  • Restaurant service managers

Average Pay: 2-5L PA

Best workplaces: Marriot Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, Leela Hotel,  Taj Mahal Hotel.

Aviation industry

When it comes to aviation sector, sky is the limit for employment opportunities for hotel management graduates. Aviation industry provides good career opportunities to hotel management professionals as Airline catering staff, cabin crew, air stewards, ground staff, ticketing, etc,. In this field, a bachelor’s degree is the standard requirement for entry-level positions, but a master’s degree may enhance career opportunities.

Average Pay: 3L – 4.5L PA

Best workplaces: Jet airways, TATA Vistara, Indigo, Spicejet, Indian

Cruise ships

Cruise ships provide best career opportunities for hotel management graduates. There are plenty jobs that an individual could obtain with a cruise ship, in following departments: Deck Department, Engine Department, Hotel Operations Department, Food and Beverage Department, Housekeeping Department, Beauty Salon Department, and Casino Department. Career in cruise ships are also responsible for accommodation services, including the provision of linen, bedding and laundry. They may be in overall charge of administration, organizing record keeping, wage payment, and the interpretation of customs and immigration records that apply while the ship is in port.

Average Pay: 3.5L – 5.0L PA

Best places to work: Costa Neo Classica Cruise, Andaman Islands Cruise, Lakshadweep Cruise, M.V. Mahabaahu Cruise, The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise

Event Management

Career in event management demands good public relations, organizational skills, analytical skills, marketing skills, creativity etc,. Event managers not only involve in just planning and execution of the event but also brand building, marketing and communication strategy of the event. The career of an event management professional passes through many roles such as,

  • Event Planner
  • Wedding Planner
  • Event Space or Venue Managers
  • Donor or Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Catering Services Manager
  • Event Social Media Coordinator
  • Staff or Volunteer Coordinator
  • Marketingor Communications Manager.

Average Pay: 3 - 5L PA

Best places to work: Wizcraft, Pegasus, Encompass events, WOW events, Percept, Cox & Kings, Tafcon

Hospitality Management

With the growing corporatization of medical services, hospitality management is enjoying a lot of career growth. Earlier, a senior doctor used to take care of all the administrative affairs of the hospital. Nowadays, as the super-specialty hospitals and multi-specialty hospitals are increasing, doctors’ job is to look after the wellbeing of the patients and it’s the job of hospitality management professionals to look after the wellbeing of the hospital. A student with science background in 10+2 level and science/medicine in graduate level have more opportunities than a other graduates in hospitality management. Students with medical/science background are recruited to look after clinical equipment, pharmacy services, nursing services, recruitment and training of clinical personnel. Non medical management professionals’ job is to look after the maintenance of the organization, healthcare services, finance, security and other non clinical services. Job profiles in hospitality management are as follows:

  • Hospital managers
  • Deans & Directors of Medical Colleges
  • Medical Directors
  • Healthcare Finance Managers
  • Administrators
  • Hospital Superintendents
  • Nursing Directors
  • Heads of Departments

Average Pay: 3.6 – 6.0L PA

Best places to work: Tata Memorial Hospital - Mumbai, Lilavati Hospital -  Mumbai, Fortis Malar - Chennai, Colombia Asia – Banglore, Apollo Indraprastha – New Delhi, Medanta – Gurgaon, Apollo – Hyderabad, etc.

Restaurants and resorts

Holidaying, travel and tourism industry is witnessing a vast growth these days. This industry also caters a number of career opportunities. With the growing number of restaurants, food chains and resorts, there is a huge requirement for chefs and senior chefs. The following are some job roles offered in this industry.

  • Chef manager
  • General manager or restaurant manager
  • Food and beverage director
  • Head of catering/catering manager
  • Food writer or blogger.
  • Holiday/Travel Agent
  • Tourism Manager
  • Travel Counselor or Travel Consultant
  • Tourist Guide
  • Transport Officer

Average Pay: 2.0L – 10L PA

Best places to work: Indian Accent – Delhi, Bukhara – Delhi, Peshawri – Mumbai, Villa Maya - Trivandrum, Karavalli- Bangalore, Olive – Mumbai, Rustom’s – Delhi, Pillars – Jodhpur, Westin Hotel & Resorts

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