MBA Vs M.Tech – Which is the best option?

Are you a recent B.Tech graduate? What should you do after Engineering? Job or higher studies. In case you want to pursue higher studies, then there are so many options open out there. M.Tech, MBA or some other course. There is not point comparing M.Tech Vs MBA or so, because both the courses are different and have different jobs and placements scope.

If you are good at technical and core engineering subjects, may be an M. Tech is right course for you. But, in India there are limited opportunities for M.Tech graduates, though working in PSUs if you crack GATE or being a professor at prestigious Engineering colleges can be good options. M.Tech or MS from USA can be a better career decision, both in terms of placement and career you get.

MBA on other hand is a broader course which aims to give you a managerial role in corporate world. MBA requires developing business decision making skills and management of domain you opt for-Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations, International Business, IT etc.

Eligibility Criteria for MBA Vs M. Tech

Though in India, both MBA and M. Tech don’t require work experience. It is advisable to do MBA after a few years of work experience as all top B schools in India including IIMs, XLRI and others have some weightage in final merit list preparation, about 5%. Importance of work experience for M. Tech is not that much as compared to MBA and college you get into purely depends on score you get in Entrance Exam for M. Tech i.e. GATE.

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In India both MBA and M.Tech are two years course and are generally residential. Though, in foreign countries duration of both MBA and MS/M.Tech can vary from 1 year to 3 years.


An MBA in India may cost in India around 14 lakhs on average, though it may vary from 8 lakhs to 20 lakhs depending on college and location city of college. On the other hand, M.Tech in total should cost you more than Rs. 1.5 lakh from any IIT or NIT, though private college may charge more.

Job & Salary

When it comes to Job and salary, MBA has an edge over M.Tech. An M.Tech is expected to get a package on Rs. 5-6 lakh and more if he is a pass out from top engineering colleges of India and the growth is relatively slow in this career path.

On the other hand an MBA graduate is also expected to get more than 6 lakhs package if he passes from Top 50 B Schools of India. Only difference, between both career paths is the potential for growth and opportunities.

It depends on your inclination. If you want to go for higher education and subsequent research, then go for M.Tech. If you want managerial position in good company, pursue MBA.

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