Career Options after Engineering

The moment their child gets selected to a good engineering college, many parents believe that the child's career is settled. But, it often turns out that the career choice made by a child during his adolescence no longer appeals to him once he gets to understand all that it encompasses/involves. The huge syllabus and pressures of competitive exams can take a toll on a student's mind and affects their performance in exams. Students often commit the mistake of making wrong career choices and change their career path later in life to pursue some other goal. We spoke to some engineering graduates who are pursuing different career paths after their graduation.

If statistics are to be believed, around 1.5 million engineers pass out every year in India. However, around 20-33 % of them fail to get placed at all, as pointed out by Economics Times. The few “fortunate” ones who end up getting a job, either settle for a job well below their technical qualifications, or with a low start- up salary. The starting salary for a B. Tech.  engineer could range anything from 1. 2 lakh to 3.5 lakh per annum. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that an engineer with campus recruitment would earn more than his counterpart placed otherwise. In this article, we are enlisting 5 Career choices that you can consider after Engineering-

Campus Placement

This is coolest of all. How wonderful does it feel to have a job in hand even before you pass out? If your college has a good rapport and initiative for campus placement drive, in most likelihood you will end up getting an offer letter to lighten up your pocket as soon as you graduate in Engineering.  In case you don’t have any intention to study further or at least immediately after your B.Tech, then you can happily settle with campus placements offer. Gear up for campus interviews and presentation.

Go for an M.Tech degree

Specialization always adds to the quality. If engineering is your passion then pursuing higher education in the subject is the top recommendation. With focused knowledge into the subject you would definitely by enhancing your career in engineering field and would be able to contribute quite better in your industry. On national Level, one of the criteria is to qualify GATE exam and based on your score you can apply in IIT, NIT or other universities and colleges. Fields for Mtech can be categorized as- Research, Academics, Development, Engineering Equipment.

Do an MBA

MBA is quite a rage these days. Regardless of graduation stream, everyone wants to hit the IIM tag. If you are more inclined towards corporate world and managerial position rather than a core engineering technical profile then MBA is for you. It’s a lucrative career option for engineering aspirants. But, don’t go by the myth that MBA from engineering background fetch more salary than others. It’s a myth. Reality is engineering students happens to qualify more score in CAT which help them attain admission in top B schools like IIM, XLRI, FMS etc and that is the key behind good salary figures. You can look for following MBA branches as your career- Management, Finance, Banking, Consultancy, International Relations.

Prepare for Civil Services

Bureaucratic positions never lose its charm, come what may. No doubts it’s a tough cookie to crack but only students like you become successful IAS, IPS, IES officers. If you want to come in main streamline then go for IAS and if you are interested in engineering services profile then go for IES

Top Engineering Entrance Exams in India

Entrepreneurship-Start your venture

Who doesn’t want to be his own boss? Scintillating but challenging career option after We say it challenging because with minimal work experience, at times it gets very challenging to survive in cut throat competition coming from established and experienced business set ups. Not putting damper on your thoughts though. If you believe in yourself and has proven some actual results during your studying years then give your entrepreneurial skills a go. After all established businesses have also taken the leap and started from somewhere.

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