Scope of PGDM in Marketing

Scope of PGDM In Marketing

Scope of PGDM In Marketing - Introduction

To prepare you for leadership jobs in the marketing industry, the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), with an emphasis on Management, builds on decades of practical experience.

Consequently, the PGDM in Marketing is a focused study of consumer behaviour and the development of products that they are most likely to desire to purchase. Advertising, branding, market research, as well as international and online marketing, are just a few of the topics covered in marketing classes.

This fascinating course lays the groundwork for a successful career in business and marketing. Continue reading to learn all about the PGDM in Marketing and how this program will demonstrate your command of a variety of multidisciplinary abilities as well as your capacity for strategic thought and action. 

Why PGDM in Marketing?

A very promising course is the PGDM in Marketing Management. The demand for marketing graduates has significantly increased due to the advancement of technology and the rising demand for marketing and publicity. There are several job prospects in this industry, including management, retail, market research, public relations, sales, and advertising, both locally and internationally. Let's discuss a few advantages of pursuing this course.

  • Several Career Paths- You'll find a ton of work prospects after finishing the PGDM in Marketing Included in this are jobs like marketing specialist, data handler, brand manager, product manager, marketing coordinator, marketing assistant, and, of course, marketing manager.
  • Popular Course- There will always be a demand for marketing jobs because they are so crucial to the majority of businesses. This indicates that enrolling in a PGDM degree in this field will assist you in gaining knowledge and skills for a profession that commands a sizeable portion of the labour market.
  • Development of innovative ideas- Marketing is seen as a dynamic field because it assists businesses in developing new concepts that result in the introduction of new services and goods. By identifying the advantages and distinctiveness of their companies' goods and services, marketing professionals assist in setting their businesses apart from the competition.
  • Developing the economy- The country's economy is capable of being handled by PGDM in Marketing. The fundamental idea behind marketing is to align a company's offerings with customer needs. The likelihood of a sale increases when a product is delivered to a business at the right time.
  • Overall Development of Skills- Students who major in marketing have excellent data interpretation skills as well as the higher-order reasoning required to transform analytics into strategy.

Syllabus of PGDM in Marketing

The Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing curriculum includes elements that are fundamental and delve deeply into the field of marketing. Principles of Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Internet Marketing, etc. are a few of the topics. One can gain a thorough comprehension of the subject with the help of these subjects. Below is a year-wise syllabus for your better reference.

First Year

Second Year

Principles of Management

Customer Relationship Management

Cost Accounting

Social Media Marketing

Legal Aspect of Business

Advertising and Sales

Business Communication

Brand Management

Principles of Marketing

Finance Marketing

Innovation Management

Internet Marketing

Financial Management

Consumer Buyer Behavior

Managerial Economics

Distribution Management



Organizational Behaviour


Note- However, depending on the college, the course outline may change slightly.

PGDM in Marketing- Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who are interested in applying for the PGDM in Marketing program must have passed these eligibility criteria.

  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited university is the minimum level of education required.
  • The candidate must have at least 50% aggregate marks (45% for reserved category candidates) in Class 12th.
  • Candidates from all streams are eligible to apply for the course.

Job Roles after PGDM in Marketing

One of the most sought-after postgraduate degrees in India is a PGDM in Marketing. A PGDM includes advanced business, marketing, and financial training. To develop skills appropriate to particular businesses, students can also pursue specializations in fields like healthcare, marketing, or information technology (IT). As a result, below are some potential careers for those with a PGDM in marketing:

  • Brand Manager- The people who shape a company's brand are known as brand managers. These managers will produce cutting-edge marketing initiatives and uncover consumer insights. Also, develop methods to enhance customer experience and draw in consumers and prospects.
  • Sales Manager- By keeping the business competitive and inventive, they'll work toward client acquisition and revenue growth goals as a sales manager. They will be in charge of maximizing the potential of their sales staff, creating sales plans, and defending those goals to top management.
  • Market Research Analyst- To develop a plan for promoting and selling their products, market research analysts gather statistical data about consumers and competitors. They essentially conduct a market analysis.
  • Advertising Manager- A company's advertising efforts are essentially overseen by the advertising manager, who also makes fresh and innovative suggestions for ways to market products and services.
  • Business Development Manager- The responsibilities of a business development manager include finding sales leads, presenting products or services to potential customers, and building strong working relationships with new connections. They'll also come up with an effective strategy for informing potential customers about new product advances.

PGDM in Marketing salary in India

In India, the average annual pay for someone with a postgraduate degree in management (PGDM) is INR 7.73 lakh. This number is the median of all positions that a person with this qualification can obtain. According to elements including the candidate's experience, talents, and employer, the salary range may change.

Another report claims that the average pay for PGD marketing managers in India is 6.94 lakh rupees. Around 3.5 to 4 lakhs are earned at entry level (0 to 5 years). At mid-career (5–10 years), this compensation grows by 15% lakhs, and at experience levels of 10–20 years and more over 20 years, it increases by 43% and 45%, respectively.

Future Scope & Demand of PGDM Marketing

India is one of the world's largest consumer markets, with 475 million middle-class customers estimated to reach there by 2030.

A marketing offer is a collection of products, services, concepts, people, places, information, etc. supplied to a market to address a target audience's particular requirements and desires. Marketing doesn't just apply to physical goods. Additionally, they consist of non-tangible services that the purchasers cannot possess, such as banking, air travel, hotel stays, and tourism.

Marketing used to be solely focused on the purchase and sale of goods and services, but today its focus spans a variety of activities. A marketer has a wide range of duties, including planning products, conducting market research, choosing promotions, and analyzing the environment.

Scope of PGDM in Marketing - Conclusion

In conclusion, those who want to work in marketing must complete the PGDM in Marketing course. People who take the course will gain a thorough understanding of marketing concepts and strategies, as well as hands-on experience, soft skills, networking opportunities, and exposure to the newest marketing trends and technologies.

Scope of PGDM in Marketing - FAQ’s

Q.1 What are common entrance exams for PGDM in Marketing?

Ans. Some of the common entrance exams for PGDM in Marketing- are CAT, MAT, MHT-CET.

Q.2 What does a PGDM in Marketing in India entail?

Ans. Candidates for the PGDM in Marketing have a wide range of employment options in various businesses, organizations, retail chains, and FMCG firms. They guarantee that all business activities are carried out and that proper compliance is achieved. The opportunity to work as a marketing manager, research analyst, brand manager, sales manager and many more job roles are available there to make a career.

Q.3 What is the admissions procedure for PGDM in Marketing?

Ans. Some universities provide direct admission, while others need entrance tests, for students wishing to enrol in their PGDM in Marketing programs. Many colleges have combined entrance exams or take into account the results of tests like the CAT, MAT, GMAT, and XAT, among others.

Q.4 Can a PGDM in Marketing be done from a distance?

Ans. Yes, it may be done from a distance, but it is advised to do so from regular because applicants won't get adequate exposure.

Q.5 What professions may you pursue after completing a PGDM in marketing?

Ans. The following professions are available to the applicant: Private Businesses, FMCG Businesses, Retail Chains and  E-Commerce.

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