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Sunday, December 19, 2021

SNAP 2020 Preparation Tips

 SNAP 2020 Preparation Tips

SNAP 2020 is an MBA entrance exam conducted by Symbiosis International University for admissions into MBA programs offered through its 16 campuses across India. The preparation tips of SNAP 2020 can help the candidates formulate the right preparation strategy that will help them crack the SNAP 2020 test. SNAP 2020 is divided into three sections and the exam duration is 2 hours. Candidates can find useful SNAP preparation tips 2020 that will help them improve their chances of cracking the SNAP 2020 exam.


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Preparation Strategy

The paper can be split into three parts: concept-driven, practice intensive and environment-sensitive. Quantitative Ability & select areas of General English are concept-driven; Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning is practice intensive while General Awareness is environment-sensitive.


SNAP Preparation Tips for Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

  • Revise the Class 9-10 NCERT school Math books and practice questions from R S Aggarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude book.
  • Since fast calculations can save time, practice with tables, squares, cubes and decimal-fraction conversions. This will develop your comfort level with numbers.
  • You should regularly attempt mock tests to identify your strong and weak areas.

SNAP Preparation Tips for Verbal Ability

  • Read good books and newspapers. Read a national daily and pay close attention to its editorial pages.
  • Learn a minimum of 20-30 words daily, along with their multifarious usages.
  • Consulting a dictionary like The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary / Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is a good idea.

SNAP Preparation Tips for Logical Reasoning

  • Logical Reasoning can be practised using puzzle books and other books on reasoning.
  • You can also profit from working with R S Aggarwal's book on Reasoning which is available easily.
  • Practice across similar questions.

SNAP Preparation Tips for General Awareness

Current affairs, business and economy, prizes, science, sports and other miscellaneous events need attention.

You can study from the following sources:

  1. Bulls Eye SNAP GK Material
  2. Manorama Yearbook, for major current events
  3. Economy/ Business Pages of The Hindu / The Times of India / The Hindustan Times
  4. General Knowledge Digest-Mani Ram Aggarwal (for static GK)

Overall, you need to understand that the test is a reflection of certain basic managerial skills. You can do well by upholding basic management principles like effective time management, right prioritization, strategic approach to different sections and a judicious mix of speed & accuracy!

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