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Career in Fashion Designing


Scope for Fashion Designer Jobs

According to a United Nation’s report, India has the largest youth population in the world. By 2020 India is expected to have 35% of youth in the total population.  With growing fashion consciousness among the Indian youth and to meet the high demand for clothing, Indian Fashion and the Textile industry is going to see rapid growth in the coming years. In addition, the Indian Fashion industry is going to provide a huge amount of fashion designer jobs. Hence Career in Fashion Designing is always blooming. The following article gives you much-needed information regarding Career in Fashion Designing, Courses, Colleges, etc.



Fashion Designing Courses

Undergraduate Level Courses

  1. B. Design (Fashion Design)
  2. B. Design (Leather Design)
  3. B. Design (Textile Design)
  4. B.Sc. in Fashion Design
  5. B.A. (Hons) Fashion Design
  6. B.A. (Hons) Jewellery Design
  7. B.A. (Hons) Communication Design
  8. B.A. (Hons) Fashion Styling & Image Design


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Postgraduate Level Courses

  1. M. Design – Fashion Design
  2. M. Design – Fashion Communication
  3. MBA in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management
  4. MBA in Textile Management
  5. MBA in Fashion Design & Business Management


Fashion Designing Courses offered exclusively by NIFT

Graduate-level courses in Fashion Designing

  • Bachelors in Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories (Interior Products & Handcrafted Accessories)
  • Bachelors in Fashion Communication
  • Bachelors in Fashion Design
  • Bachelors in Fashion Technology (B.FTech) - Apparel Production
  • Bachelors in Knitwear Design
  • Bachelors in Textile Design

Post-Graduate level courses in Fashion Designing

  • Masters of Fashion Management (M.F.M.)
  • Masters of Fashion Technology


Entrance Exams for Fashion Designing Courses

All premier Fashion Designing Colleges conducts their own entrance exams for admissions into their Fashion Designing courses. Some of the Prominent Fashion Designing Entrance exams are as below.

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Top Fashion Designing Colleges in India





Fashion Designing Career


          Fashion Designer

Fashion Designing is an artistic and creative job which requires innovative mind and anticipating capacity of future trends in Fashion. Though the Fashion industry looks glamorous outwards, a lot of hard work, sacrifice, talent, patience and dedication is required to have a successful career as a Fashion designer. A Fashion Designer’s job is to create innovative designs according to the latest global trends. A Fashion Designer may permit himself only to anyone of textile designing, foot ware designing, or jewellery designing or may involve in all of the departments. Fashion Designer qualifications are to have any graduate or post-graduate certificate in Fashion designing course along with diversified skills to have a fruitful fashion design career.

Fashion Designing career is found in Fashion houses, apparel designing Industry, Film & Media industry, Designer boutiques. With some quality amount of experience, a fashion designer can open his own label.


          Textile Designer

A Textile Designer creates a variety of products using different types of cloths. All the products of cloths we use in our daily life are designed by a textile designer. Be it apparels, towels, bed sheets, Carpets, every cloth is a product of a textile designer. A Textile Designer finds his career in fashion houses, apparel designing industries, Textile Mills, as a freelance designer, tailor etc.


          Footwear Designer

Footwear designing is another creative industry which requires creative and artistic minds. With the growing taste of fashion in users, there is a growing demand for creative footwear designers. Footwear manufacturing industries, fashion studios, are hotspots for a career in foot ware designing.


          Jewellery Designer

In the past, Jewellery Designing was limited to very few families. Jewellery Designing was a family business in earlier days. With the changing mood among the students to pursue new courses, Jewellery Designing courses are on high demand. So does the career in Jewellery Designing. For a Jewellery Designer, job opportunities are plenty. A successful Career in Jewellery Designing is based on one’s talent, creativity, and updated knowledge of the latest trends.

Jewellery Stores, Jewellery Designing Industries, Diamond Cutting Industries, Fashion Design Stores, Fashion Accessory stores, Film & Television Industry are some of the venues for Career in Jewellery Designing.


          Fashion Consultant

Most of the celebrities, sports stars, Film actors, and business honchos meet Fashion Consultants for their dressing for several occasions. A Fashion Consultant recommends certain designs and accessories based on the client’s body structure, occasion, budget etc. To be as a Fashion Consultant, one must have updated knowledge of the latest fashion trends. Generally, Fashion Consultants have their own studios. Several Fashion Houses also recruit Fashion Consultants.



A Stylist is one who makes a person look appealing on-screen or off-screen. A Stylist offers several fashion recommendations according to the occasion, situation and body structure of a person. Several Film production houses, Televisions recruit stylists for their programmes and day-to-day activities.


          Fashion Journalism / Fashion Blogger

Fashion Journalism covers all the updates of the fashion industry for their Fashion magazine. All the new collections, seasonal trends, launching of new labels, Celebrity fashion trends, are covered by Fashion journalists. A Fashion blogger is one who pens out his views on the latest fashion trends and updates of the Fashion industry through his blog. Fashion Magazines recruit Fashion Editors and Fashion Journalists for their publications.


Skills required for a Successful Fashion Design Careers

  • Creativity and innovation
  • an eye for colour and a feel for fabrics and materials
  • the ability to generate new ideas and concepts, and think out-of-box
  • design and visualisation skills, either by hand or through computer-aided design (CAD)
  • commercial awareness and business orientation
  • team working skills




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