Career in International Business

 Career in International Business

A Masters in Business Management from a reputed Institution result in good career opportunities. A Masters in Business Administration with International Business as the major specialisation reaps more career opportunities. MBA in International business is one of the most promising streams. With globalisation, business relations with one country to others are on the rise, countries/organisations are in search of new frontiers for their business expansions. This resulted in a huge demand for MBA Grads with International business as the specialisation.


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Career in International Business

An MBA grad with International Business as his major specialisation plays a key role in the expansion of business operations, overseas. An International Business graduate play varied roles in an organisation, depending on the requirement of the company. A career in International Business involves the coordination of human and material resources toward the achievement of the international goals of the organization. Hence, Career in International Business has diversified opportunities in the home state or abroad. The roles of an MBA Graduate with International business are discussed further.

Courses in International Business

BBA International Business

Eligibility: 10+2

Duration: 3Years

BBA International Business Colleges:

MBA in International Business

Eligibility: Any Graduation

Duration: 2 Years

MBA in International Business Colleges:

Masters in International Business (MIB)

Eligibility: Any Graduation

Duration: 2 Years

MIB Colleges:


PGDM in International Business

Eligibility: Any Postgraduation with 2-5years of Work Experience

Duration: 1 year

PGDM in International Business - Colleges:

International Business Jobs

  • Management Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • HRM
  • Financial Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Economist/Policy Analyst
  • International Management Consultant
  • International Logistics Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Legal Consultant

Types of Companies offering International Business Jobs

  • Financial Consultancies
  • IT Service organisations
  • Oil & Natural Gas Companies
  • Global E-Commerce giants
  • Retail companies
  • Consumer goods retail
  • Automobile industries
  • Banking and Financial Organisations



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