Best Courses after 12th Arts



Best Courses after 12th Arts

Arts is as vast as Science or Commerce. People sometimes fail to realize the huge range of options that are available to an Arts student. Many people think that it should be the last resort for a student as it does not have enough future scope, but that is farther from the truth. Variety of creative courses are awaiting Arts/ Humanities students after their 12th grade. Bachelor degree in any of the arts subjects is the best option for those interested in higher studies. Bachelor courses are available in the fields of advertising, fine arts, journalism, mass communication, media studies, business management, performing arts, travel and tourism, hotel management and much more. Go through this article to explore multiple opportunities and Best courses after 12th arts. Courses, career opportunities, colleges and much more is discussed in this article. 



  • Law (L.L.B).

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A).

  • Journalism & Mass Communication.

  • Hotel Management.

  • Fashion Designing (NIFT/NID).

  • Fine Arts (BFA).

  • Event Management.

  • Animation & Multimedia.

  • Foreign Languages.

  • Civil Services Examination (IAS/IPS).


Law (LL.B.)

Although to pursue LL.B., one needs to be a graduate, there are integrated Law courses, which can be pursued directly and thus allow a student to pursue law as one of the courses after 12th arts. These integrated courses are a combination of another degree and LL.B. course. There are many opportunities for lawyers in India. They can either work at a law firm, do freelance consulting or start their own practice. Top colleges for integrated LL.B. courses are NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR University Hyderabad, NUJS Kolkata, NLIU Bhopal etc.

Law Career


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)/Bachelor of Arts – Honours (B.A. Hons.)

Bachelor of Arts or BA is a 3-year-long course and the first choice in the list of courses after 12th Arts. It can act as a springboard for you to pursue higher education and build a successful career. You can choose to pursue graduation in Economics, Sociology, History, Geography, Political Science etc. and then pursue Masters and Doctorate in these fields or prepare for Civil Services or go for an MBA or LLB. Seats are comparatively easier to get and you have a wide range of options available after your graduation to further your career. The best colleges for BA in India are Lady Shri Ram College for Women Delhi, Miranda House Delhi, Loyola College Chennai, Hindu College Delhi, St. Xavier’s Mumbai etc.


Journalism and Mass Communication

A course in Journalism and Mass Communication is highly in demand in today’s world. Media growth is witnessing a boom in every country and there are many well-paying jobs available in this sector. There are more than 700 news channels in India alone and journalists are now taking over social media too. There are many journalists who have become celebrities over time. It can be a very fulfilling career for people who are interested in the political and economic scenario of the country and the world and want to write and report about it. There are 3-year degree courses in mass communication and also diploma and certificate courses. Some of the top colleges for pursuing Journalism and Mass Communication are IIMC Delhi, MICA Ahmedabad, SIMC Pune, FTII Pune etc.

Mass Communication Career


Hotel Management

Hotel Management is a job-oriented course and helps you land a job in the Hospitality Sector. You can easily find employment in big and small hotels and restaurants depending on your skills. Some of the biggest hotel chains pay very handsome salaries to their staff, especially the chefs. Just like in Journalism, there are many chefs who have become celebrities over time thanks to their television shows and cookbooks. There are different types of courses in Hotel Management such as Culinary Arts, Hotel Marketing, Customer Relationship Management etc. There is a joint entrance exam NCHMCT JEE for admission to the Institutes of Hotel Management Nutrition and Catering Technology (IHMs) in India. Some of the best colleges for Hotel Management are the IHMs in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow etc., AIHMCT Bangalore, OCLD Delhi etc.

♦ Hotel Management Career


Fashion Designing (NIFT/NID)

Fashion Designing involves the application of design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories. Students can choose to pursue a career in Fashion Designing right after 12th with a various degree and diploma courses available in India.  The various courses cover topics like Fashion Technology, Fashion Marketing, Merchandising, Branding, Sourcing etc. This field is not restricted to apparel only but also deal with the designing of jewellery, textile, luxury goods etc. The NIFTs are the best colleges in India to pursue Fashion Designing. Other top colleges include Pearl Academy of Fashion, NID Ahmedabad etc.

Career in Fashion Design

Foreign Languages

Pursuing a Foreign Language is one of the great courses after 12th arts. Translators are highly in demand in multi-national companies and are paid very handsome pay packages. So if you have been interested in learning a new language, it is high time you took the first step now. People well-versed in languages such as Japanese, Russian, Korean, French, Mandarin are most in demand. The top colleges for getting a degree or diploma in foreign languages are JNU Delhi, Delhi University, CIEFL Hyderabad, Max Mueller Bhavan etc.


Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

If you are a creative person and love to fiddle with various forms of art, this could be the career choice for you. BFA is a 3-year-long course and involves the study of all forms and all aspects of art, from concept development to art history. There are various specializations to choose from in BFA such as Calligraphy, Dance, Sculpture, Theatre, Photography etc. Almost all the major universities in India such as Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia University Delhi, Osmania University Hyderabad, Mumbai University, Banaras Hindu University etc. offer BFA to students after 12th.

Fine Arts Career


Animation and Multimedia

Animation and Multimedia are emerging to be one of the highest paying career options in the world. One must have a thorough understanding of the story, motion and drama to create images for movies, TV, games, and websites. You can be a game designer, graphic designer, animator, product designer etc. and unleash your creativity to the world. There is no dearth of opportunities for people in this field. With the advent of digital media and the associated content creation, the demand has soared even higher. You do not have to be limited to only electronic or print media, rather you can get a job in any sector and any industry. Some of the top institutes for pursuing a career in Animation and Multimedia are MAAC Mumbai, Arena Multimedia Delhi, ZICA Delhi etc.

Career in Multimedia


Event Management

Event Management involves organizing big and small-scale events like fashion shows, concerts, seminars, weddings, product launch events etc. and covers everything from planning the concept to budgeting and execution. A degree course in Event Management lasts for 3 years and with the right skills and network, one can make it huge in this field. It is a very lucrative option for students as one of the courses after 12th arts and offers ample scope for creativity and imagination. Although most of the colleges offer MBAs and PG Diplomas in Event Management, there are some colleges which offer UG degrees or diplomas too. Top colleges for pursuing Event Management are IIEM Delhi, Chandigarh University, NAME Kolkata, EMDI Indore etc.

 ♦ Career in Event Management

Indian Administrative Services (IAS)

The most coveted Indian Administrative Services (IAS) can be the best career choice for any art graduate. Because of the huge similarity in the syllabus, preparing for Civil services Exam can turn out to be the best choice for every Arts graduate. IAS exam is conducted by UPSC every year. For more details, read our article on the Civil Services Exam. As the exam may turn out to be tough, candidates can opt for state administrative services exam, which, compared to the Civil services exam is easier. The road to these exams may seem difficult but once selected, it may turn out to be one of the best courses after 12th arts.

UPSC Civil Services | Pattern | Syllabus | Application Procedure | Schedule


Every stream will offer you ample opportunities to grow and develop yourself and lead a fulfilling life. The focus should be to become the best you can in the field of your choice.


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